My Brother Said…

I ain’t saying that I’m absolutely right, but if at the end of my life I’ll look back at my life and say that my life was good, this will mean that I have everything to be proud of.

There are such things which tie once and for all. It’s not even about blood or belonging to a certain social group. No. None of these things don’t make two people brothers. You may be born in a family but never fit in it. And at the same time you may meet a stranger and let him get to know you better than anyone else. He’ll be the person who you’ll trust to, who you’ll give your heart to without being afraid that he’s gonna break it. The trust and aspiration to lift up your friend when he’s going through the darkest times of his life – this is what makes two people brothers.

… My big brother once said to me: “Al, you mustn’t be liked by everyone, so don’t even try to. You’re never gonna make it anyway. All the people are different, and each and every person has his own representation about perfection. Take a look at me. I’m handsome and attractive. Some might say that I’m perfect, but I’m really not. I still keep working on myself, even though I know that perfection is unreachable. But it doesn’t mean at all that you should sit on your ass with nothing to do. Nope. You can be sexy to the others and perfect to yourself. That’s the goal. That’s what I’m aspiring to. I ain’t saying that I’m absolutely right, but if at the end of my life I’ll look back at my life and say that my life was good, this will mean that I have everything to be proud of. Just because I’ve done whatever it takes to get a bit closer to perfection. Believe me, lil’ brother, the life is worth such trying”.

… My big brother once has told me: “Alex, the people like us either are loved or hated. There is no other way. And you know why? Just because we always get what we want. The more they hate us, the more motivation we have for going ahead. It’s a physic. So don’t pay attention if somebody calls you an upstart. Just smile to him and say: ‘If I’m an upstart just because I’m doing what I want while you’re doing only what you can do – let it be so. But if I’m an upstart because I’m taking those chances that you didn’t take, this means just one thing – you should think about what you are, since you’re judging those ones who have just what you might have had’. 

… Them people don’t love them strong ones. Because beneath a strength there’s the pride and a bit of egoism. It scares away them people. For they think that such a person ain’t able to love someone else. It ain’t true. Egoism is a love toward yourself, and a pride is a kind of barrier that protects a person’s heart from the other people’s influence. But it doesn’t mean at all that a strong person ain’t able to love somebody else. He’s just careful about his choice. Just because those people which he chooses as his friends or his lovers, he chooses once and for all. This is the strength. In the constancy of your choice.

… – Do U know what’s ya problem is? U ain’t able to forgive. Somebody has once betrayed ya and U take ya anger out on them rest ones. U say that U are free, but in fact U are bounded by yo’ past, by that pain which has been caused to U. Leave it well alone! This is the cage that U can’t get out from. It’s painful, I know. But what’s more painful is to live with this burden up on ya shoulders. U ain’t a bad man just cuz you’ve done something bad. Everybody make mistakes, but U can’t doom ya soul onto payin’ for ’em till the rest of Ur life. It ain’t a way out. The belief in them people begins from the belief in yourself. I believe in U, lil’ bro’. Now it’s yo’ turn.


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